Workers' Compensation

Work AccidentsGet compensation for your work-related injury

When we go to work, we’re rarely thinking about what happens if we’re injured. Unfortunately, on-the-job injuries can be serious and make returning to work difficult.

If you’re injured at work, you need workers’ compensation benefits to support yourself and your family.

Your work accident may leave you and your family without income. This leaves you and your family in a difficult position because you may need that income to live and pay for our recovery. When you’re unable to work, it’s easy to get into a financial bind.

Illinois employers are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance, however, it is not always easy to secure the benefits you are owed.  Employers and insurance companies may deny your claim because they are trying to protect their bottom line. This does not mean that you should give us. If you are going to be successful, you need a skilled professional on your side. Olivero Injury Law can help you get benefits that you are owed.

Your workers’ compensation benefits vary depending on the severity of your injury and may include:


  • Medical care necessary for the injury;
  • Temporary total disability;
  • Temporary partial disability;
  • Permanent partial disability;
  • Permanent total disability;
  • Death benefits;
  • Vocational rehabilitation and maintenance benefits in some cases.


When a third party, such as a subcontractor or machine manufacturer, is responsible for your injury, we can file a separate injury suit against them as well as a workers’ compensation claim against your employer.

At Olivero Injury Law, we work hard to protect your rights to receive the workers’ compensation  benefits you need to recover and get back to work.

We represent numerous types of workers, including construction workers, industrial, manufacturing and warehouse workers, office workers and people who work in the service industry.

Our office can assist you with any type of work place injury claim. We have more than 35 years of experience helping injured workers get the benefits they deserve.  We’ll guide you through which benefits you’re entitled to. If you’ve been denied, we’ll fight tirelessly for the work comp benefits you deserve.

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